Con Dao island is another choice for summer trip that you should visit if you are in Vietnam

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Con Dao island is another choice for summer trip that you should visit if you are in Vietnam. A part of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. This calm and peaceful island is a great destination to relax after hard-working days.
 Due to its location, this island seems to be isolated with the mainland. That’s reason why in the war, French colonial government set up a prison to arrest the anti-colonial protesters. That’s really sad memory of each Vietnamese people. Time fly fast and now Vietnamese and French are in friend-relationship. Vietnamese people appreciate history and what we had gone through in the past. Vietnamese now are looking towards, to the future. Until now, though Con Dao island was exploited and developed as a tourist destination. It still keeps its pristine and beautiful nature. And Con Dao’s residents are so friendly and hospitable to welcome tourists from any country.

 Where should we go? 

Ha Noi Transfer Service tell you that there are two options of transportation if you are planning to visit Con Dao island. It takes more than 2 hours to go by boat or just 45 minutes by plane. Total area of this island is 76 km2 with a small number of population. Unlike other tourist destinations, quietness and peace are definitely your first impression when you set foot on this island. For those who want to understand about Vietnam’s history, you should visit Vo Thi Sau’s grave.

Vo Thi Sau is a heroine of Vietnam. During the war, she was not afraid and fought against the enemy. After her death, local people followed her ideal and kept fighting for freedom. Another historic destination for visitors is well known as Con Dao prison which was used as house for the political prisoners. Nowadays, this prison was preserved for tourism development. The Con Dao beach is a great idea for relaxing and sunbathing. You are kept far away from the noise and tiredness of your daily life. Or you can enjoy a variety of sports including: sea diving, biking and walking and so on. You can dive into blue crystal-clear water and see amazing coral reefs or walk along the coastal line.

 What should we eat?

There are not many restaurants on Con Dao island, however, you hardly refuse the mouth-watering dishes on this beautiful island. All fresh ingredients such as sea foods, vegetables and so on were collected early in the morning. When you visit Con Dao, local people are willing to suggest some specialties including: moon crab, steamed sea snails, onion-grilled sea urchin… . All these tasty dishes will bring you excellent experience of a new cuisine.
 If you would like to have one minute to live slowly and simply. Con Dao island is an amazing place for your trip.

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