Hanoi Charming Autumn

mua thu ha noi

From my view point, nothing would be as impressive to visitors on their trip to Hanoi as its charming and harmonic weather in autumn. I have never had a chance to visit Hanoi in fall but, I could visualize how wonderful Hanoi would be through the melodies written about Hanoi, inspired of the touchable and magical weather.

Apparently, Hanoi is one of the oldest capitals known to the world, so every landmark in Hanoi is deep in historical and cultural theme, distinguished for its own value and magic attraction. Therefore, there is so much about Hanoi that I could introduce to foreigners, without which their visit to this traditional city would not be as completely perfect. On this occasion, I would significantly express how we can contribute to making this lovely city an adorable destination of the foreigners.

First, I would say to all Vietnamese  that they would make wonderful ambassadors of Vietnamese culture. Through the lessons in schools, all young people have been inspired and imbued with pride of Vietnam’s culture generally and Hanoi specifically. This would make it easy for us to appeal to foreigners who are interested in the culture and fascinated by the heroic examples of the people.

Second, I would think young people should focus on the ability to talk about their country in foreign languages. From my experience, I learn English as a second language and I always try to find more chance to expose the foreigners to as much peculiar culture as possible and they are found to be very eager to discover. Youths, therefore, would voluntarily get involved in campaigns to make known the reputation of Hanoi if they are well-prepared with knowledge and language, coupled with love and pride.

Eventually, the one- thousand- year anniversary of Hanoi is the best chance for all people, to add up knowledge and express our feeling to our beloved capital.

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