Hanoi Flowers


It is the eternal beauty, not the large size that makes a city perpetually remembered. Once coming to Ha Noi, people cease to ask why this city has become unforgettable by so many people. Needless to say, different ones give their love to different beauties. In my own opinion, among all of these beauties, Ha Noi flowers are what I give my deepest heartfelt.

Gorgeous as they are, Ha Noi flowers are indifferent from other areas in types or numbers but in the unique attraction. Gathering all these familiarities together constitutes an indescribable feeling. The image of  vendors travelling around surrounded by a great deal of colors of roses, violets, etc  strongly reminds me of  ancient Ha Noi that is only observed through television, documentations, films… Undeniably, the peaceful quietness of these old days could not be found anywhere in the world.

Unfair it will be without mentioning the achievements of photographers in depicting Ha Noi flowers. Through their eyes, flowers are wrapped with a different but still alluring beauty which incessantly stimulates people to find out more. One of their most remarkable notifications is devoted to seasonal changes. Summer rebirths the radiant colors which turn gentle in autumn, a short sleep spent in a cold windy winter creates a base for the lively blossoms of these beauties on sensing the touch of spring.

In short, flowers are one of hardly ignorable beauties of Ha Noi. Nevertheless, only with a harmonized combination with others, could they speak for themselves. It would be worth considering to improve advertising Ha Noi in a more artistic way which flowers will have an indispensable role as well as focus more deeply into the modern Ha Noi, not the economic development but the silent beauty which once discovered will be unforgettable.

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