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I am a Hanoian, born and bred here, and somehow, the city has become a part of me. I love almost everything of Hanoi: its rich history, its elegant people, its street food, its peaceful atmosphere in the early morning… Everything of Hanoi makes it a unique city that you cannot find anywhere else in this entire world. Hanoi is Hanoi. And what I like most about my home city is the fact that Hanoi is an unpredictable city.

You can not actually know what is going to happen here. People are always busy, the streets are always crowded, but you cannot find a fixed schedule for the whole city. Here in Hanoi, people seem to work in a different way. They can also be extremely busy, and yet, extremely relaxed… They work long hours, but can also find enough time for other things in their life. Here in Hanoi, the streets are always crowded with people! Traffic jams do happen in rush hours, but it can also happen at any other time of the day! Here, different people have different things to do, and their schedules change constantly. This is how the city work since it was formed with the name Kẻ Chợ. There is no fixed price or time or anything. Things are flexible, nice and cool. You can have breakfast at noon and dinner at midnight. The shops are open even when schools and offices are close. Some people describe this as ‘unprofessional’. But I prefer to call this ‘unpredictable’, and ‘unique’! There are lots of things waiting to be discovered here: A small café in a small lane with a distinctive flavour of coffee… An ordinary street which looks extraodinary in your photos… You can try to find these things without success, and then suddenly realize them! That is Hanoi.

If you are a foreigner, you are welcomed here, whether you are here to stay or not. You are in Hanoi, and very soon, you would find yourself a part of the city. And the city would also become a part of you. If you love the city, and decided to stay, in a week or two, you would become a real Hanoian! Discover this city yourself, and you can soon find out what you like best in this unpredictable and unique city.

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