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NoiBai Transfer , NoiBai Airport Transfer  , HaNoi Transfer Service one of the best transfer in HaNoi only from 11$ guarantee , brand new car hotline +84943979886 .  Vietnam is a country with 3426 kilometers of coastal line and more than 4000 islands, of which Phu Quoc is the largest island which is considered as a tropical paradise in Vietnam.

Phu Quoc’s Geography lớp học xuất nhập khẩu thực tế

Phu Quoc is a new destination for those who love travelling, this island has been exploited for tourism development for recent years. Thanks to pristine and beautiful nature, Phu Quoc is always on the top of most attractive and ideal destination for summer holiday. It takes 50 minutes for tourists to fly from Ho Chi Minh city to Phu Quoc island since it is located in the Gulf of Thailand, not far way from many big cities in South East Asia. A part of Kien Giang province, Phu Quoc is a district with a total area of 574 km2. You need to stay more than two days to discover all the inside beauty of this natural island. With a small number of population (103,000 in 2012), local people’s livelihood mainly depends on fishing. In many recent years, Kien Giang province’s administrative unit decides to focus on tourism to improve the living standard and well-being of people, thus, nowadays Phu Quoc has become the Pearl island of Vietnam.

The best time for travelling

In historic period, Phu Quoc was used to set up prison in the war but now the prison system has been upgraded for visitors service. The past gone far and far away, however, for Vietnamese people who got through and lived in the war period, Phu Quoc prison is an unforgettable place which reminds that how hard we get freedom for ourselves. Beside this historic place, tourists can have the chance to visit local fish sauce processing companies. Due to its location, the climate in Phu Quoc is monsoonal sun-equatorial with an average temperature of 23-28 degree C all year around that is great for your journeys at any time. However, local people said that the best time for your travelling should be in the dry season from November to September to enjoy beauty of nature with blue sky, yellow sunshine, cool wind and the rains are away. You can relax and enjoy your holiday by diving into the blue and clean water or sunbathing on white sand beach while having a tropical cocktail. khoa hoc ke toan truong tphcm

Local cuisine and specialties kiến thức về xuất nhập khẩu

This beautiful island makes an impression by both Vietnamese and foreigners by its wonderful nature and unique cuisine. The special fish sauce made from Phu Quoc was well known not only in Vietnam but also in all over the world. In many other places, fish sauce is made from any kind of fish, however, in Phu Quoc, people exclusively use fresh anchovies harvested from water surrounding the island then mix with salt at a 3:1 ratio, that makes fish sauce Phu Quoc become unique and different taste from others one. If you are lucky that visiting Phu Quoc in fishing season (from July to December), you can see fishermen harvest anchovies by net in the morning. Listed on top mouth-watering foods in Phu Quoc that you shouldn’t miss, sardine mix, thorn balls and mackerel noodle are waiting for you. The ingredients are so fresh and tasty as a present from nature for local people. khóa học nghiệp vụ xuất nhập khẩu tại hà nội
Phu Quoc is always a great destination for visitors, in which you can explore the unique wonderful nature and friendly local people and this island will give you the unforgettable memories that you can’t find anywhere in the world.
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