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The year-end tourist season and New Year are approaching; it’s also a busy time to entice holiday-makers to buy tour packages, especially outbound tours. To grasp these opportunities, many travel agents have introduced attractive tour packages to lure. There are more foreign tourists to Viet Nam while pushing outbound tours sales.

Travel agents in Ho Chi Minh City reported that the local tourism market is busy. Many tourists buying outbound tours during the Christmas holiday, New Year, and lunar New Year festival. học kế toán thực hành ở đâu tốt

In recent years, many more people have chosen to spend long holidays overseas. dạy kế toán tại nhà

Travel during Tel holiday is special, because their family will have more time living together. Besides, we also have a chance to experience the cold and the snow in foreign countries, it’s very interesting.

Apart from visiting countries which also celebrate lunar New Year like Viet Nam. Many people have chosen longer-distance tours to European countries or the US. phân tích báo cáo tài chính doanh nghiệp pdf

To meet tourists’ demand during the year-end season, travel agents have prepared and introduced diversified tour packages with attractive promotions.

According to Tran The Dung, Deputy Director of Fiditour Company. Customers have planned their trips earlier than previous years, it’s a good sign. Many people love to visit the Republic of Korea, Japan and China’s Taiwan. Besides, there is rapid growth in the number of visitors registering for European and US trips.

The inbound market is also staring its peak season as many domestic. Foreign tourists spend their holidays at famous tourism attractions across the country. Therefore, the tourism sector and travel agents have made efforts to improve quality of services.

Stedem Heike- German tourist shared: “I have visited Viet Nam several times, I love the people and beautiful landscapes here. I chose Ho Chi Minh City for my family’s next holiday trip.”

Tourism is one of Ho Chi Minh City’s key economic sectors. The year-end tourism season is an opportunity for the locality to attract more tourists, increasing turnover for the industry.


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