Sightseeing the street

duong pho ha noi

Sightseeing the street while sitting in cafes has been my favorite for a long time. Watching people sometimes hurry for work, sometimes walk slowly on the pavement or just a view of the whole Sword Lake really eases my mind. I love seeing the movement of life in Hanoi. I was born in Hanoi but I have not had many chances to travel around. These days, I am interested in gossiping with my friends while drinking lemon-tea near the Church. We can brag, we can laugh, we can talk about everything and it seems to be non-stoppable. On Sundays, there are Christians who come to the Church to pray, and it is quite pleased to listen to the vicar’s speech. As sitting in a place, I can see many street vendors – the special feature of Hanoi -wandering to sell the goods. Furthermore, the Church has a nice view so teenagers often come here to take photos and record their self-made clips to post on websites. Another café style I recommend is being on top of buildings. I can choose sitting inside or outside, but certainly the terrace is a better choice, especially when the wearther is fine. I can overview the Sword Lake and the street surrounded, not to mention the symbol of Hanoi: the Turtle Tower and Ngoc Son Temple. It is a great place if you want to stay quiet. In other words, this is the place where I can find the endless tranquility of life, leaving all worries and obstacles behind. Indeed, it comforts my mind and refresh the old me. Also, the price is acceptable for everyone. You may wonder what is so special about café in Hanoi. Definitely, it is special because it is Hanoi; it has the different feeling, it has Hanoi vibe that no other places can have. All in all, I always consider sightseeing while drinking coffee a specific trait of Hanoi, and I want to introduce this to as many people as possible, particularly foreign tourists. I am currently doing city tours around Hanoi, hence I certainly make use of this chance to take them to these wonderful places. I hope this can show another charm of our dear capital.

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